Five Date Ideas
at the
CenterPoint Energy
Red River Balloon Rally

We all need something to look forward to! With Valentine’s Day this weekend, we are highlighting five romantic date ideas for the CenterPoint Energy Red River Balloon Rally June 11-12, 2021!

Breakfast Date

With the US Team Nationals (June 7th-13th) flying the week before the CenterPoint Energy Red River Balloon Rally, hot air balloons will be flying above Shreveport-Bossier City every morning, weather permitting, from 6-8:30am. This is the perfect opportunity to grab breakfast with your loved one, and then check our Facebook page to chase the hot air balloons!

Picnic on the Lawn

Plenty of food vendors will be at the festival June 11-12th. Bring a blanket and have a picnic on the lawn! You’ll have a beautiful, romantic backdrop of hot air balloons and happy families!

Tethered Balloon Ride

A little thrill can make for a romantic evening! Science says it’s probably your best shot at getting a second date.

“Though humans are capable of feeling and processing a great many complex emotions on a cognitive level, the physiological responses our bodies experience in relation to strong emotions are actually quite similar, so the feeling of fear can easily overlap or be confused feeling attracted to someone or even falling in love.” Says Professor Javid Sadr of the University of Massachusetts.

Tethered hot air balloon rides will be available for $20 dollars for adults and $15 for children, weather permitting.

Balloon Glow/Fireworks Show

Once the sun finally sets, the balloons will all glow from the fire burners keeping hot air inside the envelope. See the awe-inspiring balloon glow sponsored by Heard, McElroy, & Vestal, LLC Friday, June 11 or Saturday, June 12 from 8:30 pm to 9:15 pm followed by a fireworks show from 9:30-9:40pm.


Who doesn’t love live music? Faith and Family Friday night presented by First Bossier will feature Christian artists performing from 5pm to 8:30pm; and Saturday night will feature musical guests from 5pm-8:30pm with a headliner after the fireworks from 9:40-10:45pm. Enjoy these concerts with the price of your regular admission!

We aren’t the only ones who think love is in the air at the CenterPoint Energy Red River Balloon Rally, the pictures are all courtesy of local photographers capturing engagements! To find out more about them, see their social media handles and blog posts below!